“Ecoações” is an installation by Acácio de Carvalho and Selma Pereira, presented for the first time in 2015, at Biennal of Contemporary Art in Cerveira - Portugal (Bienal de Cerveira, 2015). The installation explores the relationship between traditions and digital medium-art as a heritage expression. “Ecoações” comprises a space for theatrical and scenic representation that integrates textile sculpture, ceramics, soundscape and video projection
The installation comprises:
- Three human figures sculpted with fabrics; 
- A ‘T’ parallelepiped structure, built in an iron tube and lined with transparent acrylic glass; 
- One wall contains a bas-relief formed by ceramic pieces. 
The digital media component of this installation includes: 
- Soundscape (integrated in the ceramic bas-relief); 
- Quick response (QR) codes to access information on the internet about the materials used
- Video art projected on the figures and surrounding space.
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