Hands - an homage to textile craft traditions
Selma Pereira, 2022
Textile Pannel/Textile Sculpture Dimensions: 1,10m x 1,20m x 0,19m

Work exhibited at the collective exhibition Bodyspaces -CANVAS INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2023 in Venice, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, between January 27th and February 20th, organized by ITSLIQUID GROUP.

Hands - an homage to textile craft traditions
"Hands" is a three-dimensional textile panel, which was born in the sequence of the installation "Between fabrics" presented in 2021, at the opening of the InVitro Exhibition Cycle (https://invitro.ciac.pt/ciclo-de-exposicoes-invitro-01_2021-entre-tecidos/), in Mértola, Portugal, and the art installation "Inside the Embroidery" exhibited at ARTECH 2021 International Conference (http://2021.artech-international.org/conference/).
"Hands" is composed of 18 hands and arms made of white cotton fabrics with 2 different patterns: a print characteristic of traditional Portuguese "chita" fabrics, and a print of African capulanas, to show the diversity of textile arts.
The spectator is invited to touch the panel, discover it through touch, and join his hands with the hands of the work.
All panel elements are made of textile materials, so they are malleable without losing their initial shape
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