Nature of a digital dream

Selma Pereira, 2019

Nature of a Digital Dream is a hybrid installation that combines textile sculpture and augmented re- ality technology, presented at Artrooms Rome 2019 – International Contemporary Art Fair for Inde- pendent Artists. The installation is a sculptural, hybrid rematerialisation that invites viewers to interact and immerse themselves in the fashion artefact.
This installation reflects the author’s view of the relationship between the body, fashion, and the dig- ital/virtual worlds. On tangible sculpture, the body is covered by several textile layers of different ori- gins, and with different textures — layers of smooth, banal, and even uninteresting fabric, sometimes interrupted by elaborate layers and fabrics that approach scales. Mirrored textile materials perforate the shapes and layers, a member of the sculpture is amputated and violently interconnected by foreign materials with an i-tech appearance.
The digital component consists of an application for mobile devices (which the public could download for free through Google Play), where information about the concept of the piece, the making of the creation of the installation, and augmented reality can be found, in which the user, when pointing at the sculpture, sees the video-art component of the piece.

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