Pixel 2,

Selma Pereira e Acácio de Carvalho, 2017

Pixel 2 (pixels quared) Installation takes as reference the origin of digital-art, both in the title and the square shape of the different panels that compose itself. All of the same dimensions, these quadrangular panels are supported graphics compositions with the use of small quadrangular shapes (pixels). The represented images, not being noticeable when closely observed, take the viewer to move inside the sculptural set and seek to improve the position to observe, discover the materials and forms, experience and interact.
The installation was created in an approach to the aesthetics of post-digital (in a contemporary perspective, referring to a time when technology has become a common place and fully integrated in processes and objects), where creativity overlaps with technology, emerging a desire of blurring the boundaries between the tangible and the immaterial, always maintaining the aesthetic line based on the characteristics of the digital / computational.

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