Prototype Design for a Wearable Musical Interface
The Sliiv is an ongoing project studying the use of recent electronics and e-textiles in the design of wearable interfaces for artistic expression and performance. The Sliiv comprises original hardware and software and is planned as a development platform that can be adapted to different configurations, shapes and functions.
The main component is a wearable sleeve which can be used on the left arm and uses touch capacitive sensors as the main input for controlling a set of predefined parameters. The form factor of the Sliiv controller was decided for ergonomics and usability considerations, as well as for the versatility in the creation of different layouts and motives on the top layer. The sleeve wraps around the arm, closing with velcro on the lower end, and can be used directly on the arm or above other clothes.
In the present form, the Sliiv is a music and sound controller, planned to be very simple and intuitive to use while providing a considerable level of fine control over the sound parameters. However, being a controller, the Sliiv can be used to control any type of media other than sound. Future implementations may explore the control over real-time graphics or video, whether simultaneously with sound, or collaboratively with other Sliiv interfaces.​​​​​​​
The paper on this artifact was submitted to the international conference on digital art ARTeFACTo 2022 Macao and will be presented at this conference on November 24, 2022, as part of the conference's virtual exhibition.
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